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Description of Lessons

Drawing is a good thing! Learning the foundations of drawing can lead to other creative art making projects. We enjoy a variety of ‘how to’ techniques and everyone feels like a budding artists. We offer a relaxed opportunity to learning and feeling creative while exploring the wonders and delights of art making. The opportunities to work with charcoal, pastels, markers, pencils and other dry media are offered. ​​

Collage, an assemblage of different forms, flat or raised, failed art paintings and ‘stuff’ otherwise discarded, is a creative process to making new art. Collage is often composed of numerous materials like paper, newsprint, photographs, ribbons or other 'attachable thingies!'
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Painting​, making strokes, lines and shapes, applying the color wheel, learning mixing and planning colors, exploring techniques of painting on paper, canvas, glass, clothing and even a piece of furniture!Type your paragraph here.